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Cherie Deville And Milana Ricci Achieve Heavenly Sex



Amazing couple, Cherie Deville and Milana Ricci are bursting with insatiable desire after not seeing each other for quite some time. Filled with longing, they passionately kiss. Milana, the angelic devil, removes her red upper lingerie as a sign of invitation for Cherie's ravishing lips to devour her charming tits. Savage beauty Cherrie sucks her partner's tits and licks her pussy, driving Milana wild. Overpowered with fervent lust, Milana exchanges position with her lover. Her tongue encircles her pussy while her fingers keep thrusting in and out of her finger-licking hole. She goes further and kisses Cherie's sweet asshole as her fingers continue to grind in her partner's core. Right after, they're in 69, devouring each other's sweet spot until both are sexually satisfied, sealing it with a kiss.